Recession Video Deal Agreement

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The Client agrees to the following:

  1. To set aside time to complete the Video Briefing Questionnaire and email through a completed version no later than 5-working days before the Creative Session.
  2. The video will be produced over one week from Friday to Thursday and theClient decision makers will make themselves available for the following days in the video production week:

    Friday – Creative briefing session pre-scripting (45 mins)
    Monday - Scripting & Storyboarding sign-off (1.5 hrs)
    Wednesday – Shoot Day (8-10 hrs)
    Thursday – Video edit sign-off (45 mins)
  3. This deal includes full pre-production (ie. briefing questionnaire, creative session, scripting & storyboard), a full shoot day and another day for the edit, with a half-day post-production (ie. colour grade, sound design &simple GFX). The video will be delivered in 4x aspect ratios to suit all platforms.
  4. An allowance for props and lead talent (namely Jacob, for 18 months usage rights) is included in the package price. If the Client doesn’t want Jacob, then a lead talent will be found from the ODV talent pool of professional actors, for an extra fee of $3,500+GST.
  5. An indoor shoot location in Auckland needs to be arranged by the Client, after a discussion with ODV. If the Client doesn’t have a location in mind, then they can contract ODV to do the location scouting for them at $750+GST (plus any venue costs).
  6. The maximum video length is 60-seconds.
  7. The Recession Deal invoice will be sent out on receipt of this agreement and payment is due within 7-days.
  8. If the scheduled production week is postponed by the Client within 10-working days of the creative briefing session date, then a 25% postponement fee will apply to compensate for the loss of that production week and the expenses incurred.
  9. If the Client cancels this Recession Deal, for whatever reason, then a non-refundable Credit Note will be issued to be used at a later date on any full price ODV video package.
  10. The Client understands that their finished video will not be used by ODV for promotional purposes until the Client has launched their video into the public arena.
Check your inbox for a copy of your agreement.
  1. The Client must allocate time for completing the Video Briefing Questionnaire and submitting a completed version 5-working days before the scheduled video shoot date to allow enough time for the scripting process.
  2. The key decision makers must make themselves available for a 2 x 1-hour Scripting Sessions with One Day Video’s (ODV) Scriptwriter prior to the scheduled video shoot date, as well as a Storyboard sign-off session. The key decision makers must be a part of these Scripting Sessions and the Storyboard sign-off. PLEASE NOTE: If the scripting, storyboard or editing sign-offs are not made on the day and get deferred by the client to a later date then $195+GST per hour will be charged for the extra time spent outside of the ODV process.
  3. The key decision maker and all video participants (the talent) must be at the briefing session at the beginning of the shoot day.
  4. A maximum of one shoot location is preferred, and any other locations must be no more than a 15-minute drive from the last location, otherwise this will reduce the shooting time.
  5. The key decision maker must be available on the second day for the final editing sign off, between 5:00-6:00pm (re. the final video edit). PLEASE NOTE: if this session is moved to an alternate day by the client the extra time incurred will be charged at ODV's hourly rate of $195 +GST.
  6. The maximum video length allowance is 1.5 minutes. An extra fee of $1,200+GST will be charged for each 30-seconds (or part thereof) over this allowance.
  7. We allow 2-hours for any minor edits requested after the final video sign-off. PLEASE NOTE: any editing time after this, and/or changes that are outside of the script or storyboard, will be charged at ODV’s hourly rate of $195 +GST.
  8. Disbursements: If we are to do the shoots outside of Auckland then you, the client, will need to factor in the cost of return airfares, taxis/rental car, airport parking, excess baggage for gear, a travel fee for each of the crew (eg. Director, Cinematographer, Art Director & Talent) and accommodation if required. PLEASE NOTE: any other disbursements such as props, talent fees, studio/location hire, specialist camera gear, etc. are to be met by the client and will be invoiced separately after the shoot date (all disbursements needed will be discussed with you and agreed in advance of the shoot).
  9. We are a product based video production company, therefore all payments are due within 7-days from receipt of the invoice, or prior to the shoot date, whichever comes first.
  10. Any FREE offer that has been been made is contingent on payment being received as per item 8 above. ODV reserves the right to withdraw any FREE offer made if payment is not received as agreed.
  11. a) If the client cancels a video shoot no later than 5 working days before the scheduled shoot date, a 20% cancellation fee of the invoiced package charge will apply, and time already spent on pre-production will be paid by the Client at ODV’s hourly rate of $195+GST.
    b) However, if the client cancels a video shoot within 5 working days of the scheduled shoot date, a 50% cancellation fee of the invoiced package charge will apply, and time already spent on pre-production will be paid by the Client at ODV’s hourly rate of $195+GST.
  12. The Client understands that they are engaging ODV to produce and deliver a finished video from the RAW footage captured on the shoot day. The Client owns the final video output(s) and ODV reserves all rights to the RAW footage and will undertake to store it for up to six months from the date of the shoot, after which time it will be deleted. Within this timeframe the Client may purchase this RAW footage, to be delivered to them on an external hard drive.
  13. All rights to the finished video produced by ODV are owned by the Client and their usage is subject to any signed Talent Agreements.
  14. The Client understands that ODV will not use the Client's video for promotional purposes until the Client has launched their video.
  15. A scheduled video shoot date may be postponed by the client, however if this falls within 5 working days of the shoot date a 15% postponement fee of the package price will be charged to the client. This is to compensate the ODV contractors (eg. Director, Assistant Director, Cinematographer, Art Director, Gaffer, Hair & Makeup etc.) who have set aside this date for paid work.
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