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10 Tips for Selecting a Digital Agency

So, you're planning an epic brand video to show your target audience - or maybe you already have one. Hell yeah! But, hang on... how can you make sure the right people actually see it?

The easy answer is Digital Marketing: Here at ODV, we've worked alongside several agencies and have ourselves operated as a digital marketing agency in the past, so we know what makes a GREAT agency and what you should be looking for.

Using our first-hand knowledge of the industry, we've collated 10 tips for choosing a digital marketing agency that will really make the most of your marketing budget and help your video soar.

1. Check Google Reviews and Request Customer References

Start your search by checking out the agency's Google reviews. A high number of positive reviews can indicate the agency's credibility and trustworthiness. Additionally, request to speak with a customer or two from their portfolio. Happy clients will likely share their experiences, giving you valuable insights into the agency's performance, campaign impact, added value, and transparency in reporting.

2. Compare Multiple Agencies

Avoid basing your decision solely on first impressions or gut feelings - just cos they have a good 'vibe' doesn't mean they'll be right as a digital marketing partner. Speak with multiple agencies to get a better understanding of what they offer. Compare pricing, the services included in their retainer/package, and the specialised skill set each agency brings to the table.

3. Clarify What's Included in the Monthly Retainer

Make sure that you fully understand the services covered in the agency's monthly retainer. Some agencies may focus on organic posts and growth, while others prioritise ad campaigns. Identify the areas where your brand needs support and find an agency that can fill those gaps effectively.

4. Enquire About the Team Handling Your Campaigns

One of the advantages of working with an agency is the collective expertise it offers. Learn about the team members who will be working on your campaigns, such as copywriters, ad specialists, and brand strategists. Having multiple specialists can lead to innovative and well-rounded marketing strategies.

5. Ask Intelligent Questions About Video Campaigns

If you have a basic knowledge of marketing, use it to ask insightful questions about how the agency would structure your video campaign. Focus on their approach to marketing funnels, budget allocation for brand awareness, messaging strategies, and audience research - look for confidence and their ability to explain their approach with clarity. A knowledgeable agency should impress you with their strategic thinking.

6. Seek an Agency that Values Knowledge Sharing

If you are a little less familiar with marketing, look for an agency that is passionate about sharing knowledge. They will educate you about marketing concepts, making sure that you're fully aware when things are working and when things could be working better. Plus, it'll help you ask better questions in the future!

7. Find a Team that Cares About Your Business

During initial meetings, pay attention to whether the agency takes an interest in your business goals, challenges, and dreams. A good agency will seek to understand your brand thoroughly and be genuinely invested in your success, not just focused on securing revenue for the short-term.

8. Request Case Studies and Data Tracking

Ask for case studies that showcase the agency's past campaigns. Enquire about their data tracking methods and how they define success. It's vital that your agency is transparent with data - you want to know how your campaigns are doing compared with the previous month and you want an agency that will tell you when something isn't working. They should be proactive in brainstorming solutions and focussing on optimising for the best results possible, and taking you through every step of the way.

9. Understand the Metrics that Matter

While ROI is critical, also consider other metrics that indicate success, such as generating future demand and building a strong brand presence. Look for an agency that values long-term growth and holistic marketing strategies.

For example, if you have a poorly designed landing page or a badly structured organic strategy, an agency worth their salt will recognise that this could negatively impact their campaigns and offer their input. Even if they're not responsible for these areas of your marketing strategy, they should still offer their expert opinion to improve results.

10. Trust the Process and Set Realistic Expectations

Once you've chosen an agency, trust in their expertise and set realistic expectations from the start. Avoid micromanaging or hounding them for immediate results. Marketing is an ongoing process, and giving your agency space to work can lead to more fruitful results in the long run.

While there's no agency that can guarantee you hundreds of leads within minutes of launching your campaign (and if someone tells you they can, RUN), there are agencies out there who will have your best interests at heart and tick all of your boxes. With the right one by your side, your brand video might just go further than you ever thought possible!

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