Hey business owner, have times been tough?

Yeah, we feel it too… but us business owners are a resilient bunch! And here at ODV, we’ve got something that is gonna help your business big time!

We’ve combined the two most powerful marketing tools - highly engaging video and strategic digital marketing - to sell your offering like hot cakes.

Basically, we’re gonna make you a kickass video, launch it with a BANG, then over three months our marketing team will put it to work driving leads and sales for your business. KERPOW!

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How it works:

Depending on your launch energy and resources, we’ve got two packages for you to choose from - the only difference is the type of video you choose. And we’ve made it all very affordable!

Just pay 25% upfront and the rest over three months as you start seeing tangible results. Hit us up and we’ll take you through the packages!

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So, what do you get?

A highly engaging video

Expert digital marketing strategy

An on-brand landing page

Multiple ad campaigns and organic posts

A BOOMING launch across multiple platforms!

More video views than you could achieve yourself (by far)

Quality targeted traffic (aka new potential customers)

Increased leads & therefore sales!

The ongoing ripple-effect of a freakin’ awesome launch - you won’t look back!

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A quick timeline:

Month 1

We’ll take you through the video production process, create an effective marketing strategy and landing page so we’re all ready to launch in month two.

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Month 2

It’s launch month! We’ll release your video to the world, deliver a comprehensive content plan, turn on all your ads and watch the hype and video views roll on in!

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Month 3

We will concentrate on optimising your winning ads while also watching more results fly through the door.

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Month 4

Enjoy a great return on your ad spend this month and a wrap up report with all the results from your launch campaign.

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Our story:

When we started ODV, we thought it would look like this:

But it actually looked more like this: 

It wasn’t long before all that cold calling, networking and LinkedIn inmails started to really kill our souls… So we hired a digital marketer, made a kickass video about the ODV brand, and then set up a bunch of ads targeting business owners and marketers. 

And boy did it work!

After 12 months of consistent video marketing, our sales had quadrupled (that’s a 400% increase!). And we’ve never looked back… obviously.

We’re now an expert video marketing agency. Not only do we know how to make a hella engaging video, but we also know how to put it out there so the right people see your brand. So what do you say?

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Kinda keen but wanna know what people say about us first?

Fair enough! Here are some kind and honest words from our clients.

Joe Sutton, Sutton Tech
"I was getting fantastic leads right from the first month. The ODV digital marketing team know what they’re doing. Their expertise in digital marketing has been critical to my business.”
Joe Sutton
Sutton Tech
Tracy Roberts, Common Thread
"(One Day Video) has helped Common Thread’s brand awareness absolutely explode! As a result, we’ve had 70 new leads… and become laser-focused on our mission. I honestly have learned so much from the team at ODV.”
Tracy Roberts
Common Thread

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The ODV Launch Package is guaranteed to make a splash! Let’s accelerate your presence online with a grand entrance and a clever remarketing strategy that will see your brand showing up again and again.

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