The Advantages Of Using A One Day Video Production Company

Back in the day, video content like television commercials and corporate videos used to take ages and a boatload of cash to produce.

First off, you needed a full-blown production set complete with lights and heavy equipment just to create a decent video. Then you had to play the waiting game, going back and forth over emails and revisions for days on end. On top of that, you had to offer a burnt sacrifice to the video gods just to have an output that actually met your needs.

But those days are over.

With a one-day video production company like One Day Video, you can get high-quality video content in an insanely short time frame.

Here are some advantages of using a one day video production Auckland company for your marketing and communication needs:

It's Time and Cost-Effective

Time is a resource you can't afford to waste. The hours you're squandering on revision emails could have been used on more important things like actually scaling your business or closing deals. Just imagine the new leads you could have been converting if your video just came in a day or two earlier.

With One Day Video, you don't have to wait for a fortnight to get the video content you need. You don't have to waste time going over revisions because our streamlined process allows us to create a storyboard, shoot footage, and post-process all in a span of a day.

Our process and the subsequent result free up a huge chunk of your time---which you can use to tackle other things that matter.

We Work Closely with Our Clients to Achieve The Results They Want

One Day Video prides itself in working closely with clients to achieve the video content they have in mind. Before we shoot the video, we make it a point to establish a great relationship with our clients and spend a significant amount of time visualizing the outcome and making a solid strategy.

Then we get to work.

Here's a quick video that shows how our process works.

You Can Start Scaling Your Business Immediately

More and more people are consuming videos, and the numbers are only set to grow year over year. Because of this significant rise in digital media, search engines are prioritising video content in their page results, and social media channels like Facebook and Instagram are likewise giving way to native video content on their respective platforms. With video content in place, you can potentially land on the first page of the search engine, tap into your niche, engage with your audience, spread brand awareness, and ultimately scale your business.

One Day Video can provide you with high-quality branded content complete with motion graphics and quality sound design--- everything you need to scale your business by converting those leads into raving fans and paying customers.  

The Time Is Now

To sum it all up, a one-day video company helps you save time and money, allows you to get the results you want and helps you scale your business...all without the hassle of offering a burnt sacrifice to the video gods.

Connect with our team today and let’s get that video production ball rolling!

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