One Day Video's Origin Story

How we created a thriving video production company in just two years.

This is the start-up story of how two brothers who loved film and vlogging dreamt up a solution to making scroll-stopping, high-value videos at an affordable cost. Their quirky yet professional style and ability to turn around a video quickly has established their essential point of difference.

This isn’t the first business Jacob and Matthew have started together. As teenagers they opened an online toy store, Simply Clever Toys, selling quirky and cool toys to kids in New Zealand and around the world. After selling the business, the brothers parted ways to pursue their separate passions. Eleven years later, their new start-up business is thriving and they’re only just getting started.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s start at the beginning.


Early 2019 Jacob had just returned from an international trip where he was vlogging for some top design and engineering companies in America. While working with these brands, he saw that they were struggling with video production for three reasons: 1) videos were too expensive, 2) they took a really long time to make, and 3) the clients didn’t always get what they wanted.

Inspired to pursue his passion for film and with an idea to create the brand that is now called One Day Video (ODV), Jacob ran the thinking past his younger, film-maker brother Matt. Together they decided to form an Auckland-based production house with a unique proposition to challenge a common issue plaguing videographers and clients alike – days of back-and-forth emails resulting in “death by a thousand edits”.

With a unique set of skills and experience, their entrepreneurial father Rodney joined the company to manage sales and marketing, freeing Jacob and Matt to focus on their specific areas. Jacob took charge of pre-production (writing scripts and forming the narrative of the video), while Matt managed production and post-production (directing, filming and editing footage).

It was a pretty lean machine in the early days with complete videos being created from scratch in just 24hrs. The team soon realised they needed more process and support so brought on board a couple of experienced videographers to help. The scripting and pre-production phase was extended and perfected so that now only the filming and editing was completed within that 24hour period. Post-production was completed the following day. This was a fundamental decision and took video quality to the next level. This same process is still followed to this day in our smallest package.


The year that COVID-19 engulfed the world became a brand-defining year for us.

A forward-thinking decision was made to put some investment into digital channels at the start of the year. Like many start-ups, the focus had been largely on creating the product – the videos themselves – but not as much thought had gone into how to market the brand. Sales Manager Rodney, was spending a lot of his time making outbound sales calls and in addition, had also stepped into the role of General Manager leaving much less time on his hands.

It was soon time to enlist some marketing help. Jacob and Matt’s sister, Esther, was working in a high-profile Auckland PR agency at the time. She was invited to join her brothers part-time and bring in her expertise with digital marketing and team building so as to share the One Day Video name far and wide.

In March, COVID-19 lockdowns hit New Zealand and all live filming had to be cancelled.

Like most small businesses, the company was left scrambling. They had to innovate, and fast! The team put together an animated video package, created a short explainer video, designed a landing page and the Digital Marketer (Esther) quickly shared it across all social channels. It saved the company!

Six of the new animated videos sold immediately which saw the company through lockdown and out the other side. Now animation comprises more than a quarter of all video packages sold, and it’s only increasing – in fact, ODV’s first international animated video has just been made for a new client in the UK.

With business picking up and Esther now full-time on digital marketing, things went to the next level with a new explainer video that was launched in November. And boy, did you guys love it! It was bold, colourful, fun and experimental, all while communicating efficiency and professionalism. It’s a fantastic illustration of the character and personality of ODV.  

Before finishing for the Christmas break, the team, including full-time staff and contractors, put together a creative project – the first of many. It allowed a core team of creatives to make a hilarious animated skit, A Tale of Two Trees. The ad campaign gathered more than 14,000 views and an exceptionally high engagement rate.

2020 was a big year! With record sales months, the week before Christmas saw the team creating SIX videos in seven days – the busiest week ever. The year ended on an exhausted high. Limits had been tested. The team had grown from six at the beginning of the year to 16, with more growth on the horizon.

At not even two years old, this thriving start-up was in the phase most successful, small businesses find themselves in – exponential growth while scrambling to find resources to deliver on the jobs. As the year rounded to a close, the new role of Production Manager needed to be filled.

Jacob and Matthew being interviewed by NBR in late 2020
Jacob and Matthew being interviewed by NBR in late 2020


The New Year dawned bright and uncertain with two more short lockdowns early on causing rescheduling chaos, but the newly hired Production Manager took it all in her stride and steered the ship onwards.

Post-New Year, the team grew from 16 to 25 people quickly with the addition of directors, scriptwriters, an illustrator, editor and storyboard artist. Engaging explainer videos for start-ups and medium-sized businesses were being created weekly and also new work for corporates requiring snappy internal comms videos.

Alongside this, the Marketing Department launched a digital marketing package. Over the past two years, the team had noticed that some of the videos created for businesses weren’t being used to their fullest potential. To meet this perceived difficulty, three packages were developed which would allow clients to hand over their digital marketing needs to the ODV team of experts. The packages are just taking off and One Day Video is excited to help their clients skyrocket their results online!

A behind-the-scenes image from a recent shoot in 2021
A behind-the-scenes image from a recent shoot in 2021


Two years since its inception, One Day Video now has over 100 clients on the books and is creating videos for companies like Foodstuffs, The Caker, GirlBoss, Hamilton City Council, Vector, ASB, Beca and Sealord (to name just a few). The second quarter means some exciting things up ahead - a rebrand and a new Auckland office space! The team has expanded so much there’ll be an upgrade from the home office (aka converted garage) to something bigger… stay tuned.

We’re excited for what’s next and hope you  stick around for the journey!

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