Internal Communications Video Production

Today's workplace is not the same as it was ten or twenty years ago. Companies and organisations have become more diverse, embracing flexible work schedules and remote setups. Thanks to technology, even small and medium enterprises can now establish offices in different locations all over the globe.

In the midst of constant change, how do you maintain clear and consistent messages throughout your organisation?

Send The Right Message Through Internal Communications

In order to foster a tight-knit culture based on your company's values and vision, it's important for top management and communications professionals to have an excellent internal comms system in place.

Internal communications includes delivery of the latest company news, staffing announcements, updates from top management, progress reports, and the like. It’s a powerful channel that helps your organisation stay on track of its goals and to make sure that each member of the company is on the same page.

If your company is undergoing changes, a clear and concise message from internal comms helps the transition run smoother. In times of challenges and crises, this process helps the management allay employee fears.

Internal communications is effective in promoting transparency within the company while providing an avenue for honest feedback and discussions at the same time.

Internal communications used to be delivered through company newsletters, email blasts, printed onboarding handouts, and meetings. But with today's fast-paced world, these traditional channels aren't enough if you really want to get your message across.

In this time and age, take internal communications to the next level through effective video content instead.

Increase Engagement Through Internal Communications Videos

Internal communications doesn't have to be dull or one-dimensional. They could actually be delivered in a creative and entertaining way through the power of video.

A well-executed internal comms video grabs the attention of your audience and helps relay vital information in a concise yet entertaining way through live-action footage and graphics.

Visual cues are absorbed faster by the audience, so videos are a great method to increase employee engagement. You don’t have to worry about bombarding your audience with a ton of information, either. Videos are especially helpful breaking facts into easily understandable, bite-sized pieces that your staff will love.

If you want to boost internal communications, video is the way to go.

Create Effective Internal Communications Videos With One Day Video

Videos used to be time-consuming, but with production companies like One Day Video, it’s possible to create stellar internal comms videos in an insanely short timeframe. Our tried-and-tested workflow allows us to cut back on time and deliver high-quality content fast.

Whether you’re a big corporation, a boot-strapping startup, or a thriving enterprise, we make sure to create visually engaging internal communications tailor-fit to your every need. We pride ourselves in working closely with your clients to produce videos that are in line with the company’s vision, audience, and brand. Our experts will be with you every step of the way, from conceptualisation to delivery.

If you want to reach your employees better, shoot us a message and we’ll help you get your message across through effective and engaging internal communications videos.

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