How Long Does Video Production Take?

When it comes to video production, there’s nothing worse than weeks of back and forth emails, prolonged scripting and filming, and a lifetime of post production. What if we told you that the video production process could be completed in as little as one week? I know, I know, it sounds impossible… but over the last three years we’ve proven that you really can produce high quality marketing videos in a matter of days. Keep reading as we break it down!

Barriers to Efficient Video Production

Traditionally, the video production process can take anywhere from three months to a year, which is a massive investment of time and money. It’s hard for small to medium businesses who want to get into the world of video marketing and advertising but don’t have an abundance of resources. 

The process also involves a whole bunch of different people - scriptwriters, videographers, editors… the works. While every role is important to a successful production, there’s a fine line between the right people and too many people. When you have an excess of stakeholders acting as checkpoints for your work, numbers of sign-offs increase which adds hours onto your project. With every individual edit that arises from each review, you’re more likely to face our least favourite situation - “death by a thousand edits”. By limiting the number of people on a project, you reduce unnecessary check-ins and help speed up the process! That’s actually the reason we created One Day Video in the first place which is a whole other story you can read about here.

The Design Sprint: Reimagined 

As a small business, we set out to make great quality video production accessible to start-ups and corporations alike! We also saw a lot of businesses getting frustrated by the length of time it took to create a top-notch marketing video, so we got to work reimagining the typical video production approach. Here’s what we did!

But first, a quick history lesson. 

Before starting One day Video, our co-founder Jacob studied product design and found himself in Germany with a company who had developed the concept of “The Design Sprint”. Invented by Jake Knapp at Google Ventures, the sprint was created to shortcut the debate-cycle and significantly cut production time from months to a matter of days. Jacob realised The Design Sprint could be applied to other industries, and with a growing passion for video production, he returned to New Zealand to create One Day Video (ODV) - an Auckland video production agency. At ODV, we use an altered version of The Design Sprint - an agile model that concentrates the creativity of our scriptwriters, videographers and editors to produce stellar results in an insanely short timeframe. 

So, how do we do it?

The ODV Video Production Process

Generally speaking, we break the process down into three parts: pre-production, production, and post-production. Traditionally, pre-production takes 2-6 weeks, compared to production which can range from one day to several months, and then post-production which can take several weeks. While this depends heavily on the scale of the video and the amount of people involved, it is super achievable to condense the process to a week at minimum. 

At ODV, we spend just one day scripting and then another day to storyboard and plan out the shoot with the director. This includes a live sign-off call with our clients to save time and avoid - you guessed it - death by a thousand edits. When it’s time for production, the majority of our filming only takes half a day per video or up to a day and a half max. Once filming is done and dusted, we spend anywhere from half a day to a full day and a half cutting and editing our footage, and around half a day more on motion graphics, colour grading, and sound design. We work on one production at a time with a tight-knit team who concentrate their creativity to produce the best video possible. More about our process here.

What are the actual benefits to cutting down production time? Firstly, you can save huge amounts of money, time, and stress by reducing edit rounds and removing the introduction of new ideas mid-process. When you’re limited to a day's worth of planning, you eliminate any over-thinking and idea-overflow that might prolong the brainstorming process. By concentrating on one task per day - like The Design Sprint process - we have found that productivity and creativity increases within our team. Bear in mind, larger scale projects may require longer time periods, so you can always adjust the process to suit your endeavours, but in our experience high quality video production can be done in a matter of days.


So, how long should video production take? Here at ODV, we consistently prove that you don’t need to spend weeks or months to produce a high-quality video. By breaking down each step and allocating a single task to its own day, you’ll be amazed at how much quicker the video production process takes for you and your team. Don’t be afraid to switch up your methods if saving time and money are on your agenda! 

Keen to learn more about the Auckland video production scene? Check out our other blog posts or send us a message! Remember, we film nationwide too.

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