Five Effective Ways To Fast Track Your Marketing Results With Video

How do you get the most out of your video online?

It’s one thing to get an engaging video made, but quite another to use it to effectively market your brand in a way that will have your audience talking and taking action. So, you’ve got a video and perhaps you’ve put it somewhere on your website and shared it on Facebook, but how can you use it to its fullest potential? Because trust us when we say, most people don’t.

In this article we’ve collated our top tips to help you make the most of your video. Here are “Five Effective Ways to Fast-Track Your Marketing Results with Video” – put them into practice and watch your traffic and leads grow!


If you’re using a significant amount of your marketing budget on a video, you need to make sure that it’s engaging. Does it have a clever hook, compelling storytelling and a clear message? This is the first step to ensure your marketing efforts will connect with your audience. If you start here, the following tips will work exceptionally well for you. 

A classic video hook from our first explainer video.
A classic video hook from our first explainer video.


The number of businesses who have a GREAT video but bury it somewhere on their ‘about us’ page is staggering. Video is 12x more engaging than text or images, so treat it as it deserves – plonk it front and centre on your website’s home page with an obvious play button. A well-polished video that is guided by a clear and engaging script will do the best job of communicating your business proposition and point of difference. And while you’re at it, dedicate a whole newsletter to your new video. Marketers say that video included in an email leads to a 200-300% increase in click-through-rates.1 Hint: include ‘video’ in the subject line of your email for a higher open-rate.


A lot of our clients have had superb success with ‘direct marketing’ when it comes to sharing their video. Here are a few ways you can do this. 1. If you have an explainer video, show it at the beginning of a pitch or new client meeting to explain your business/brand in a succinct and engaging way. We guarantee they’ll stay engaged for a lot longer than if you drone on about it… no offence. 2. Another strategy is to include your video in your email exchanges with new clients or staff. 3. You should also share it on your personal LinkedIn page and tag people who might be interested in watching it – this will improve your engagement rate and reach.


This article is all about making sure you’re set up for greatness and that’s impossible without adding captions to your video. Since as early as 2016, 85% of videos shared on Facebook were being watched with the sound-off.2 Don’t lie to yourself – it’s not going to be any different just because your video has a cool hook and a talking head. Without captions, it’s actually more likely that people will skip past your video, but if viewers can read your captions, the possibility of them turning on the sound is more likely. And if they don’t, no worries – captions mean you won’t miss out on a massive audience of prospective buyers.

Using captions in our newest explainer video.
Using captions in our newest explainer video.


Yes, you heard that right – your ONE video can be used for months and months in more than 15 unique ways. First, you need to cut your video into parts, combinations of 15 and 30 second clips, as well as the full-length video (with captions). This is what we call ‘social media cut-downs’. Now buckle in, because here are all the ways you can use your video:

Publish your full-length explainer video on Facebook (1), LinkedIn (2), Instagram (3) and in your newsletter (4). Simple. Then use the cut-downs to run across your Instagram stories (5, 6, 7), and write a blog article about something related to your video topic and pop your video at the top or bottom (8). Moving on to paid platforms, you can run your video in at least three different ads (9, 10, 11) on Facebook and Instagram targeting different audiences and testing different length copy. You could even A/B test the short and long versions of your ad to see which is more successful on social. Next, run the video as an ad on LinkedIn (12) and publish multiple iterations depending on how many audiences you’ve created. Don’t stop there! Why not use the most engaging cut-down as a follow-up social post a week or two later across Facebook (13), LinkedIn (14) and Instagram (15). The cut-downs can also be used as a display ad through Google Ads (16) or a video ad on YouTube (17). You get the picture. And this is just during launch month. You can do it all again in three months with fresh audiences.

A single video isn’t just a one hit wonder – if you follow these video marketing tips, it will provide a huge return on investment! And with 84% of people saying video has convinced them to make a purchase, the picture is clear: if you’re not using video in your marketing strategy, you’re going to fall far behind.

Start implementing at least one of these strategies today with your video and watch your engagement grow! And if you don’t have a video yet? Well, you know who to talk to…

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