Corporate Video Production

In today's age of digital content, video reigns supreme. More and more people are watching videos online - and the numbers are only set to grow each year.

And we're not just talking about those cute cat videos, either.

Stats show that as much as 54% of consumers want to see videos from organisations that they support. That’s why companies - from startups to corporates - are doubling down on producing high-quality videos for both internal and external corporate communications.

The only question is this: if everyone else is taking advantage of corporate videos online, why aren’t you?

What is a corporate video production?

A corporate video production, in essence, is a visual storytelling process used by organisations to get a particular message across, within or outside the company. Corporate videos can range from compelling introduction videos that tell your brand story to potential clients and partners, to informative training videos for new employees, to a walk-through video that highlights products or services to consumers.

Producing corporate or business videos involves careful planning and execution. It means coming up with shot lists, scripts and storyboards, shooting footage, editing and post-production.

The whole process sounds daunting, but the good thing is you don’t have to go at it on your own. A good corporate video production company like One Day Video can do this all for you - and then some.

Here at One Day Video, we work closely with our clients to help them plan and create a storyboard, then shoot, edit, and post-process the footage all within an insanely short timeframe. Here is a quick overview of how we do it.

How much does it cost to produce a corporate video?

Honestly? Not as much as you think it would. Thanks to advances in technology and a smooth-as-butter workflow like ours, video shooting and post-production is easier and more affordable than ever.

Gone are the days where you have to set up a fancy studio, use heavy video equipment, hire expensive TV personalities, wait for weeks to post-process, and pay a hefty sum for a seconds-long advertising spot on television.

At One Day Video, all we need is 24 hours to deliver a high-quality corporate video that doesn’t kill your time nor hurt your budget. You can contact us here to quickly get an instant quote.

Why is corporate video production important for your company?

Let’s face it, video is the future of content, and the future is now. Corporate video production is essential in telling your company's story in an efficient and visually stimulating way.

Corporate videos allow you to connect to a wider range of people. Recent stats show that audiences are more likely to share videos than any other type of content on social media. Using corporate videos and video marketing, therefore, are great opportunities to boost brand awareness.

Corporate videos are also vital if you want your business to scale. Search engines love videos and prioritise them when displaying search results. Potential leads stay longer in pages that have videos. In fact, a landing page that contains a video can potentially increase conversion rates to up to 80%.

The bottom-line?

If you’re not leveraging corporate video production to increase brand awareness and scale your business, you’re really missing out. Get in touch with One Day Video today to get that corporate video up and running within the next day or two.

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