Advertising Video Production At Its Best

An excellent advertising video can transform your business from a bootstrapped startup to a successful venture.

Bold claim? Not really.

In this fast-paced digital world, sometimes all it takes to get your brand out there - and to get your products or services in your customers’ hands - is to create a captivating video ad.

Clever, Memorable Video Ads Are Essential For Your Business

Advertising videos have one primary purpose: to get your name out there. Every business wants to solve a problem by offering a product or service, but as an entrepreneur, you can't tick that goal off your list if people don't even know you exist.

Enter the advertising video.

These promotional videos are short but engaging, clever but informative. They work to capture the attention of your target audience and keep it. They’re fun and memorable. Excellent advertising videos let your customers know what you're offering, but most importantly, they also help you boost brand awareness. It's a great way to embed your brand into your customer’s minds and eventually, their lifestyles.

An excellent advertising video can turn these strangers into buying customers and raving fans who will spread the word about your business. When done right, a good advertising video can do the legwork for you. It’s like a gift that will keep on giving, long after you’ve hit that ‘publish’ button.

Advertising Videos And The Changing Digital Landscape

Creating video content like ads used to be expensive, time-consuming, and cumbersome. Not too long ago, businesses would spend top dollar to produce TV commercials. They had to fight tooth and nail just to get a few seconds of precious air-time on TV.

But change is a-foot.

Thanks to modern technology and that little nifty thing called the internet, creating advertising videos is now faster, cheaper, and a whole lot easier. People are consuming video now more than ever, too, so it only makes sense to bank on this type of content. What’s great is that you can publish these videos on your website or social media channels, and share them with a click of a button. Heck, you can even create one in just 24 hours, with the help of a top-notch video production team like One Day Video.

Our tried-and-tested process allows our production team to put together an excellent advertising or explainer video in just one day.  We’ll also work with you closely from conception to script-writing and shooting to post-production to create a high-quality video that you’ll be proud to share with your audience. We can shoot on location, use live-action footage, or create an animated explainer video with motion graphics. Whatever your needs are, we’ve got it covered.

Get The Word Out With A Stellar Advertising Video Production

These days, a stellar advertising video can give your brand or business a much-needed leg-up. You don’t need to giant production studio to create a high-quality video; you’re better off with a small but nimble team who knows their way around the digital marketing scene. Shoot us an email today and let One Day Video take your brand to new heights.

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