5 Tips For Hiring A Great Video Production Company

Here’s why you need to stop focusing on the dollar signs.

You’re on the hunt to hire a video production company, so you hop online, type a sequence of relevant keywords into your search bar and hit enter! You click on several websites and paste your enquiry into their online form hoping desperately that someone will come back to you with a quote that fits your budget.

That was your first mistake.

Hiring a video production company to fit your budget rather than looking to see if their skills will actually align with what you need will likely result in a video that doesn’t hit the mark. You need a handy guide! And we’ve got you covered.

Follow these five tips and learn how to hire a video production company that will blow your socks off!


Any video production company worth their salt will include recent (that’s important) examples of their work on their website.They should also feature testimonials. Look at them all, get a feel for their work and ask yourself these questions: Do they have a consistently good standard of work? Do you vibe with their visual and creative style? Are their videos engaging (visuals aren’t the only important thing to consider)?

The next few points are things that should guide your first phone call with the brand - and make sure you actually have a phone call so you can find out if they really GET your business and needs. Notice how fast they respond too, that’s usually an indication of how good their comms will be throughout the video creation process.


They film, obviously. But what else? Do they script their videos? Will they find you a music track or organise a voice over artist if necessary? Do they have access to talent if you’re not fronting the video? This is your chance to figure out how much heavy lifting the company will actually do, and how much you’ll be left with. If time is money, these considerations should impact how much you’re willing to spend.

Our encouragement with scripting is to remember that even though you might be in marketing or comms and know how to write like a boss, writing an engaging script for video is different and your video production crew may be better at this than you if it’s a service they do offer - trust them.


Something you’ll want to know up-front is how the company charges for their expertise. Is it per project, by the hour, dependent on video length, or set by a fixed package rate? Most of these options can involve hidden costs. The two most common hidden costs are: 1) too many people attending the shoot which racks up costs when the filming could actually be accomplished by a simple videographer + director duo, and 2) ongoing edits and tweaks if they don’t get it right the first time (most companies will charge extra after one or two rounds of changes). This is why it’s important to choose quality and expertise over that initial affordable quote. If you don’t opt for a video production company that has nailed its processes and is an expert at what they do, you’ll likely pay extra costs anyway (in the form of both money and stress).



Following on from the point above, it’s important that you feel the video production company understands your business and what you want from the video. You need to trust they’ll do a good job and own their creative vision without needing to ask you, the client, to create a highly detailed reverse brief or run-sheet. Hint: that’s what directors are for! Look for someone who will ask the right questions to really ‘get’ your business and then tell you how they think it should be done - this is the sign of a team who knows what they’re doing and who will back their creative choices. Again, this is important. They should know more about creating an engaging video than you do. That’s why you hired them in the first place, right?


Speed shouldn’t compromise on quality. Hear us out. Working quickly concentrates creativity and ensures the creative crew will be focused on one job and one job only - yours. This always yields better results. Ask your video production company - how long will it take you to edit my video? And follow that up with, what kind of input will I have? A good video production company won’t allow you to micro-manage. What they will do however, is get you in to review the video at key points during the editing process - most notably after the first cut is complete, but before all the colour grading and sound engineering has taken place. This will save time if you want tweaks made.

But beware of ‘death by a thousand edits’ - collate your feedback into one email or session so that you don’t befall the fate of many other businesses, days of back-and-forth emails to finalise changes. This only results in a worn-out video that’s been edited to death. Nobody wants that. Here at One Day Video, we’re known for filming and editing a video in as little as 24-48 hours. We’ve perfected the process and our clients love seeing the finished video so soon after it’s been filmed.

Now go! Take this advice to empower your search for an incredible video production company who will fulfill your needs and wow you with their expertise. And of course, if you’re ready to start enquiring (after doing your research of course), we would love to chat!

Check out our Google Reviews here and send us an enquiry here. Let’s create something incredible together!

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