5 Easy Ways to Add Visual Comedy to Your Video

Picture this; you’re lying in bed scrolling through your timeline and a video catches your attention. The video is funny af, and your chin immediately sinks into your neck as you let out a little chortle. We all know the feeling. That is what you can achieve when you add visual comedy to your content! But how do you do it? Watch the video below and read our article to find out!

Content that makes us laugh is not only more engaging, but it creates a personable image of your brand that your consumers will lap up happily. Using humour in your marketing allows your brand to cut through the noise of every other brand video online. Social media channels are completely saturated with advertisements, so it’s imperative that you stand out. 

So, how can you achieve visual comedy in your videos that really slaps? Our ideas are inspired by comedy legend Rowan Atkinson, and his documentary, Laughing Matters.

Good comedy videos aren’t always funny because of what people say. Often, it’s much more about what people do. Now, obviously that’s quite a broad statement, so we’ve broken it down into three key principles that we think are vital for getting that giggle.

Principle 1: Unexpected Behaviour

Have you ever been in the middle of watching a video when suddenly something super random happens, or the video cuts out right when you least expect it? Yeah, that was likely intentional! And nine times out of ten, it probably made you laugh. Sometimes the concept itself doesn’t even need to be funny, but the shock of seeing something unexpected can be very comical.

Principle 2: Being in an Unexpected Place

Building on Principle 1, the element of surprise extends further than just behaviour. Appearing in a strange and unexpected place catches people off guard, and when done well, will be pretty funny - for example, if you show up in the kitchen cupboard. The more bizarre, the better. 

Principle 3: Optical Illusion

When an object or person is much larger or smaller than it’s supposed to be, it can look kinda odd, but it’s also pretty funny. Creator Zac King uses tricks of the camera to distort size - for example, in the video above (from 1:29), the size of a letterbox looks completely normal, but as Zac approaches the camera, the audience can see it’s actually teeny tiny. It’s visually clever and funny to boot! Also, from a nerdy optical illusion perspective, it’s VERY fascinating.

Bonus Top Tip: Is Violence Sometimes The Answer? 

We are NOT condoning real violence here, however, fake violence and/or pain can be really comedic when it’s overstated. Have you ever seen a football player fall to the ground and begin rolling around moaning in pain? We want to feel bad for them, but the overstated nature of the reaction makes it, well, kind of funny. The same can be said for understated pain or violence on screen. Deadpan reactions can actually be a great way to get people laughing at your comedy video! Finally, if someone in your video is falling over or being fake-injured, you can increase the funny factor if your subject simultaneously falls out of shot (like in the GIF below).

So there you have it - some easy ways to get your audience laughing and engaging with your video content through visual comedy! We hope you feel inspired to differentiate yourself and stand out from your competitors by using humour as a tool in your video creation. For more inspiration on how to step up your content game, check out our how-to guide on writing a super engaging script - this is the secret to making a wicked video.

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