4 Reasons Why Animated Videos Should be Your Next Marketing Move

A quick Google search will tell you that marketing videos are becoming one of the most effective ways to advertise your brand. We know video marketing does wonders for your engagement, but what happens when social feeds become saturated with them? With more and more businesses jumping on the bandwagon, how will you stand out from the rest? Here’s why animated video might be your best friend.

Animated videos are a fantastic way to extend your creativity and explore an imaginary world of storytelling. They can help simplify complex ideas, communicate abstract concepts, and most importantly, contribute to a strong brand personality. 

Now is the time to see how far your ideas can go, and animation is the perfect avenue to do so. 

Why Choose Animated Video?

A great marketing video consists of a few crucial elements - a winning script, thoughtful directing, tight editing, and a strong, clear message. To really push the boundaries of what you can achieve with an advertising video, it’s worth playing around with the types of video you use. 

Live-action video is super effective, as it humanises your brand and concept. We’ve got some sweet tips on how to use these to your advantage 👉 read about them here

But what if we told you that animated videos have their own unique benefits? Stay tuned as we break them down for you!

1) Differentiate yourselves from other businesses 

It’s no secret that we have a tendency to ignore ads these days. If you’re scrolling through your feed and see a promoted sales post, are you likely to click on it? For a lot of us, the answer is probably no - but we might be swayed if there’s something a bit different about the ad…

Creating your own, unique style is one of the best ways to differentiate your brand. If your audience has a clear idea of who you are based on colour, brand voice, and even characters, they’re more likely to have you top of mind when evaluating alternatives. 

Check out these tips from ODV co-founder, Jacob:

  • Aim for consistency. If you’ve used one style of animation in one video, it’s senseless to then switch it up for the videos following. You’ll confuse your audience and unintentionally avoid strengthening your brand personality.
  • When looking for an animation company, be VERY thorough. There are a few places that will use cookie cutter animation - where they use the same characters and design style for multiple businesses. If you’re wanting to stand out, try to find somewhere who will create content that is unique and specific to your business.

Video is a fantastic way to set yourself apart from every other business, but it’s important to keep in mind that you pay for what you get. Spending more for an original and unique video will prove a far better ROI than something that looks copied and pasted.

2) Creative Freedom

When you create an animated video for your business, you’re essentially starting from ground zero. While it may seem intimidating, it’s actually a super advantageous place to begin. 

Animated videos allow you to create characters, scenes, and motion graphics that are completely unique to your brand. You aren’t limited by the realm of physical and tangible capabilities, meaning you can really design your assets in any way you like. 

For example, imagine a scene in which the main character is so overwhelmed by a concept that they simply explode. Now, in reality, you’re not going to be able to do this with an actor - and if you think you are, PLEASE don’t come to us to make your video. With the beauty of animation, you can make this happen, adding emphasis to a point or idea. 

Additionally, you don’t have to worry about getting the perfect location for your shoot, exquisite lighting, or fantastic actors - because you can create them for yourself (or rather, our super talented illustrators create them for you)!


Some companies (like our own) like to use ‘style frames’ in their animation process. We create a single frame based upon your brand colours and design that we’ll use throughout the entire video. We’ll then ask for approval on the style frame, and continue creating your animated video from there! This way, you’ll get to see and approve a super specific design for your video that will guarantee a finished product that you love. Make sure you find a production company that brings you along through the whole process and ask if they’ll provide a style frame (see example below)!

A style frame created for KPMG.

3) Give your offering a new life

Mundane Concepts

If you’re trying to advertise a product that’s hard to pitch in an exciting or engaging way, animated video marketing might be for you. With the power of animation, you can take almost any idea and give it new life. 

This is especially useful for explainer videos. You want to get your message across and get people interested in your offering, all the while keeping them engaged throughout.

Complex Concepts

Here at One Day Video, we create a lot of animated videos for software or tech companies. If you’re trying to express an idea that might be tricky to explain through a live action video, animation is a fantastic option. 

A really great example of this in action are internal communication videos. If you’re managing a group within your business and want to explain a change of procedure or a new way of working, animated videos are an awesome way to get your message across. Especially when you compare that with a lengthy email of black text on a white background that just gives you a headache. We did a video like this recently for Air New Zealand and also put the concept to the test for KPMG - watch it below!

Instead of a boring talking head, animated videos take the viewer through an exciting journey where each second visually illustrates the impact of your intangible product. Additionally, you can push the boundaries of how you communicate your idea, because as we mentioned earlier, your options for creativity are limitless.


If you’re keen to get brainstorming for an internal comms video, give this a read through before you start: How to Engage Your Staff with and Internal Communications Video 😉

4) Emotional Appeal 

Most marketers know that a great way to build trust with consumers is through emotional branding. With animation, you can take viewers on a journey where they’ll build emotional attachments to the characters (if you execute it well). 

For KPMG, we’ve created three internal communications videos that use the main robot character - Manu - to talk to their audience. With the repetition of characters and visual humour, people connect with the character and will likely have positive reactions to the information conveyed. Using a character like Manu will also help your audience to form emotional attachments, and ultimately create positive brand associations.

This video we made for Portamix is another great example. The video follows a construction worker and how he benefits from using Portamix’s product. Animation allowed us to really optimise on ideas that might otherwise be, well, boring, and give something to the viewers that they can relate to. The story flows seamlessly and the product concept is easy to understand. Not to mention, there's no way you could replicate the concept with live-action. Check it out here!

Wrapping it up

We’ve highlighted the benefits of animated video, but how you use it to your advantage will really depend on what fits best with your brand personality. Animation works really well for explainer videos and internal communication videos, especially when describing complex concepts. Check out the creative process we use to make animated videos for businesses across Aotearoa.

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